How Simon Fuller Sold 160 Million Songs in iTunes

Ever since Elvis and The Beatles whipped hordes of teenyboppers into a profitable frenzy, teens and pre-teens have formed the core of the pop music market – a lesson clearly not lost on Fuller. While fans with more “evolved” taste may scoff at his taste in Britney Spears-alikes, younger fans represent the bulk of the market, which is where Fuller has exclusively aimed with the exception of his signing of Annie Lennox. Perhaps this is why his company is called 19 Entertainment; to represent the age of the oldest fans he is after.

These strategies have made Fuller a very wealthy man, and have given Apple a strong, steady income stream as well. Assuming that all of these songs were purchased individually for 99 cents apiece, and given the standard iTunes music revenue split (35/65 percent), Apple has earned at least $56 million from the sale of Fuller’s digital music to date, while his 19 Entertainment company has taken in nearly $88 million – a number sure to turn other music executives’ stomachs.

via How Simon Fuller Sold 160 Million Songs in iTunes | Epicenter |

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