Tina Turner, David Bowie, Keith Richards and John McEnroe

(From John McEnroe’s 2002 autobiography)

1982 In December Davies got a call from Capitol New York´s office. They wanted Davies to add 60 names to their guestlist at the Ritz club! Her guest list was notable: Keith Richards, David Bowie and John McEnroe. But that wasn´t all. Bowie, who had just signed to EMI, met top executives from all over the world at a listening party for his up-coming LP Let´s Dance. Bowie had announced that he´s going to go to see his favourite singer Tina Turner. And EMI executives followed him and Tina was ready to do her comeback. For Tina, the show that night was unbelievable. At the end everyone stood up and shouted for more.

Afterwards there was a party at the Plaza Hotel until 8.30 a.m. A few days later Tina got a new recording agreement with Capitol and soon the company was very eager to release her songs. What to record as a first single? – that was the next question. For the answer, Roger Davies contacted British EMI if they could work with B.E.F. again. EMI was excited. Heaven 17 had become one of the hottest bands of the country. They answered in four words – “Get Tina over here”.

To get money for the trip to England Davies arranged her a show in Stockholm´s amusement park. Then they flew to England to record with B.E.F….

1984 … When the studio bills started to pill up, Roger called to John Carter if he could come to see how the recording was doing. Carter came, liked what he heard and helped to produce Private Dancer and Steel Claw with an accompaniment by Dire Straits. Because the band had no solo guitarist, Roger turned to Jeff Beck who arrived to the studio with his brand new Stratocaster. After the recording he asked Tina to inscribe her name to his guitar.

That was busy time for Roger and Tina. They met numerous possible producers and tested numerous songs. After Terry Britten had finished his two songs, he was persuaded to produce an agressive version of Ann Peebles´ hit I Can´t Stand The Rain. Rupert Hine produced Better Be Good To Me and in the beginning of April – after Let´s Stay Together and 1984 from the B.E.F. sessions were added – Davies had enough songs for an album. There was also a cover of The Beatles´ Help for the European release. The recording had taken two weeks and $150,000. Roger sent the tapes to Capitol. After that Tina and Roger flew to the US to support Lionel Richie´s Can´t Slow Down tour.

via International Tina Turner Fan Club – Biography.

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  1. 4 legends in 1 pic. Great story, skilfully told. Just listening (again) to Keith’s Autobiography ‘Life’.
    The audio version is as great an experience to listen to as Keef’s scribe was to read. And a great, rambling read it is to.
    Keith, you’re the best.

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