Singing madness at the Eurovision Song Contest

The great Anthony Lane reports on Eurovision(!) in current week’s New Yorker. Unfortunately the full-text is available only for subscribers:

When the first Eurovision Song Contest was held, in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1956, only seven countries took part. The TV audience for the 2002 final, held in Tallinn, Estonia, was around two hundred million. That’s twice what you get with the average Super Bowl. Singers and groups don’t win the Eurovision Song Contest. Countries do. You are entered by your proud nation, just as a swimmer is entered for the Olympic Games. The contest was held in Oslo because Norway was last year’s victor. Mentions Alexander Rybak and Olen Cesari. Describes Eurovision English. What is most frightening about Eurovision is its reluctance, even now, to wake up. European pop music sounds like Eurovision pop, and it was all created by the great god of dreck. There is, and should be, something cheesy in all good pop, but what Eurovision delivers is flavorless processed cheese, as if it were produced not by musicians but by a cultural subcommittee of the European Union

via Singing madness at the Eurovision Song Contest : The New Yorker.

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