Lefsetz Letter » Hits Sales Chart – 11/21/05

24. Neil Diamond “12 Songs”
Sales this week: 43,167
Percentage change: -53%
12 songs you can’t buy at any price, since Sony recalled all the discs because they compromised computers. More evidence that labels don’t care about careers, only the bottom line. Look at the 52 acts whose CDs and careers have been compromised. Their public is mad at them. They look like pansies. Even though under the onerous contracts they signed they couldn’t prevent their albums being released in a compromised form.

This would have never happened thirty five years ago, when the acts had power.

Wouldn’t have happened twenty five years ago, when Tom Petty refused to have his album released at $8.98, a new high price. MCA needed the money, Tom needed his credibility. He didn’t want his fans to be guinea pigs.

From Lefsetz Letter archives.

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